Transdev - Work Request Form
For work on or near LUAS
Section 1Complete all fields in this section
Section 2 Details of work being carried out (Please provide as much information as possible)
Please fill in a Start Location
Please fill in an End Location
Please fill in a Planning Authority
Please fill in a Register Reference No
A method statement and risk assessment detailing how the work is to be carried out and how the risks will be mitigated.
A copy of insurance schedule.
A copy of planning permission(s).
Section 3Details of time and type of request
Please select a permit type
Section 4Complete all fields in this section

The Applicant hereby applies for permission to carry out the works described above. The Applicant acknowledges that applications and permits may be subject to charges, payable by the Applicant. The Applicant will hold Transdev Dublin Light Rail Ltd. harmless with regards to any damage or loss incurred due to the works including, but not limited to contractual penalties. This application does not remove the requirement on the applicant for any other statury approval. Sumbission of this form by electronic transmission will be taken as agreeing to this and conditions as may be detailed by the LUAS Operator.

Section 5Excavations
Section 6Rail Limits

Section 7Attachments

Please ensure you have provided the minimum information required:

  • Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Confirmation of insurances
  • Copy of planning permission(s)
  • Rail vehicle certificate
  • Any other relevant information

Is required for works outside the swept path which may import risk to the tramway.
Is required for any works within the swept path but more than 2.75meters from the OCS or it’s supports or within pits/ducting.
Is required for works within 2.75m of the OCS or in pits containing voltage greater than 230v AC or DC